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Do you think zen style interior is recommended for a master bedroom?

I'm designing a master bedroom, the problem is, it is lack of basic furniture pieces and It must have an inexpensive yet stylish furnishings, I used zen style to bring forth an ambiance of nature and to have an airy and a well thought design for the couple,I used greens and neutral colors that would make a scenic view of nature... low level furnishings was done. do you think zen style suites well?


  1. Zen style is perfect in designing a master's bedroom. It promotes comfort and tranquility. Find furnitures that looks simple in style with shades of black/ dark colored wood furniture with white color for the bedsheets, curtains and pillows. To perk up the rrom, try to color one side of the room red or any color that suites the couple. Good luck.
  2. Definitely Yes! Just did mine in zen modern theme, Cool Beige-Grey Walls, Natural Grey Green Sheet Sets, Plush Shams in Beige and just a touch of Ruby Red Throw Pillows and Midnight Blue Throws.... Deep Brown Cherry and Black Platform Bed, Red Orchids in Black Pots, Horizontal Thick Shelves with candles. Will be purchasing a brown frame, attaching a back to it to make a mini-Zen Garden to fill a corner in my master-bedroom.
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