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How much do you reckon you should pay for a fitted bedroom?

Master bedroom in an average semi. One wall will have 2 robes and an over bed bridging cupboard and one wall will have just a wardrobe. (and can you recommend someone in Leeds area) For Johhnys benefit: Average semi? A 3 bed room semi detached house. Bridging Cupboard? Cupboards over the bed. 2 Robes? 2 Wardrobes SPEAK ENGLISH!!! Learn English I would say you should pay about 500 Euros: Answer in £ please not play money


  1. I have no idea what you are talking about. Average semi? Bridging Cupboard? 2 Robes? SPEAK ENGLISH!!! I would say you should pay about 500 Euros
  2. try ikea, you can have anything you want in any combination, plus you won't have to pay for labour (that's the expensive bit) i did my bedroom out a couple of years ago and i had 2 double robes, 1 single and 2 L shaped double robes, plus over bed units which cost me around £1500 that included all the various drawers and shelving etc in the robes. go check it out good luck
  3. Depends on quality, melamine faced doors I'd say £800- £1000, hardwood doors with veneered cupboards £1200- £1500
  4. Custom fitted and designed ? maybe expensive. all depends on the materials and detailing Fitting alone could cost £500 min, thats me thinking of it with 2 guys fitting it in 1 day. I would guess at something around £2500 mark for something machined and basic. best get a few quotes I am not in Leeds , But I knows there a lot of Joinery works up there for domestic , shopfitting and exhibition work .
  5. I would reccomend Howdens Joinery. they are nationwide. It would prob cost £1500 plus fltting. Hope this helps
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