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What color should i paint my small bedroom?

I can't decide on which color i should paint my walls. I want my room to look bigger. I also want it to be peaceful and warm, almost like a feng shui bedroom. My floors are tan/brown.


  1. light green
  2. Paint it to yellow...but not egg yellow..oragey or reddish yellow. It would look very causy and fit to your floor.
  3. If you want peaceful and warm and for the room to look bigger, go with a light warm off-white that goes with your floors, maybe ivory or cream. Not very interesting, you think, but light colours enlarge spaces. Get the interesting stuff in accessories and art but keep it simple and clean. Lighting can make a big difference too. I'm very fond of lighting that's directed upwards to light the ceiling, without shining in your eyes. It tends to open up a space. Also have one lamp that shines down, with an opaque shade, which is more intimate than a shade that lets light through it.
  4. light blue.
  5. A light colour that looks nice with your bedspread or curtains.
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