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Feng Shui tips to lighten a dark room?

I have a walk-in closet off of my bedroom that is in desperate need of some good, positive vibes. It could use something to lighten the look and feel of it. There are no windows in this room, or the bathroom attached to it, right now just bare white white walls with wooden shelves and rods. Anybody with feng shui tips on what I could give it a lighter, brighter feel? To those of you who suggested I turn on a light--um, I'm not stupid guys. This is more than just about turning on a light. I wanted to add more love and light to the room. To the others who gave me valid suggestions, I thank you. I can't choose just one b/c I like them all and will probably try them all.


  1. Yes dear.paint it white, stick a flower in the corner and turn the light on
  2. someone, told me yellow flowers ????
  3. What about changing the light fixture? And maybe painting an oriental good luck symbol on the door could change the vibe of the room.
  4. Paint the walls a soft yellow and hang a large mirror on the wall.
  5. i really cannot think of anything relating to fengshui and your problem. i have been studying fengshui for some time now under 2 chinese masters, and i do not have a clue to what you are trying to ask. have you ever try a lightbulb? i believe that you mistook what fengshui is. below is a short summary. authentic chinese fengshui is a compilation of theories, each with its own system and calculations. these are formulated by the chinese about 4,000 years ago to maximize yield of crops by the chinese farmers. later it was used by the chinese military to win battles. now it is adapted to everyday life to either optimize wealth or health. there are 3 important elements in fengshui: heaven, man and earth. heaven is god given like our destiny, which in fengshui can be calculated through four pillars, and cannot be changed. next is man, or our deeds, meaning we shall reap what we had sown. and last is earth. earth is what is generally known about fengshui that it is the arrangement inside the house to make our lives better. but fengshui is much more than that. fengshui has also a time element. meaning, anyone can go either bad or good luck on certain days. likewise, you can use fengshui to predict the future or what trend is in store in a certain future. thus, day selection is also a part of fengshui. there is also fengshui regarding the faces of people, that certain features mean something. and if you want to earn more money, you should get an artificial mole through makeup or grow a mustache. this is also a technique used by employers assessing incoming employees. but most fengshui revolves around the manipulation of our house/ environment to make our lives more productive, either good health or good health. my master always reminds his students to always go for wealth, because you can always go to the doctor to make you better. there are many fengshui theories, like flying star, it calculates the energy combination of a certain lot/ house based on the degree to which the main door is facing. the lot is divided into 9 parts with 3 rows and 3 columns, like a tictactow grid. each block has 3 numbers, representing mountain, water and time/ base. each number represent an energy, which can combine with other energy/numbers to form new energies. the task here is to locate the good location/ direction and the bad one, and arrange the differents parts of the house accordingly. location and direction here are 2 important concepts. then there is 8 mansions, this written by many authors as determinig the whether the person is an east person or a west person. there are many theories out there, but the most important are not written in books. but they are taught by masters. my master's website: www.fengshuisos.com
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