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What are the tops five bedroom colors for a women's bedroom?

I want to know the top five bedroom colors for a women's bedroom?


  1. Mauve, Lilac, Peach, Sea green, voilet. The only caution is you will need white or distressed furniture in these bedroom with complimenting quilts and window treatment.
  2. That depends on two things. 1 who you ask. 2. which paint company is pushing which color. I would suggest you decide which five colors you like best and make them the top choices. You are a smart as anyone willing to give an opinion, so listen to yourself. You can't go wrong!
  3. Mine is lavender and plum. I accent with pink and blue occasionally.
  4. mustard yellow, lavender, light green, blue-pastel, pink-pastel. I'd recommend some books from your local library, they have tons of room decorations and do it yourself books.
  5. any cool light color, yellow, blue, lilac...
  6. Burgundy is my personal favorite, followed by a light, light lavender, creme, light grey, and light brown. Go with Burgundy- WOOF!
  7. pastel colors like: or natural colors like: blue brown purple green green maroon yellow tan pink
  8. Here are a few colors I would choose. Click links to view. http://www.dongardner.com/images/plans/interiors/990master.jpg http://www.dongardner.com/images/plans/interiors/933-1master.jpg http://www.dongardner.com/images/plans/interiors/864master.jpg
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